Name Dr. Bipasha Maity
Designation Associate Professor
Area of Specialization Managerial Economics, Macroeconomics, Business Statistic, Research Methodology, Econometrics.
Academic Positions
  • Associate Professor, TSM, Madurai, India, 2014- present.
  • Assistant Professor, TSM, Madurai, India, 2013-2014.
  • Assistant Professor at Symbiosis Institute of Business management, Bangalore, Symbiosis International University, 2012-2013.
  • Assistant Professor at Future Institute of Engineering& Management Kolkata (Affiliated to WBUT and AICTE approved), 2007-2012.
  • PhD in Economics, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, 2007.
  • M.Sc in Economics (First class second), Vidyasagar University, 2000.
  • B.Sc in Economics (First class first, Vidyasagar University, 1998.

E-mail :

Research Interest Applied Econometrics in the areas of Business Economics and Marketing,Multivariate techniques on quantitative data.
Academic capabilities
  • Assistant Professor at TSM, Madurai, India, 2013
  • Assistant Professor at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management,Bangalore, Symbiosis International University, 2012-2013.
  • Assistant Professor at Future Institute of Engineering and Management Kolkata (Affiliated to WBUT and AICTE approved), 2007 -2012
Achievements and Awards:
  • Silver Medal in M. Sc Economics in 2000, as II rank holder in University.
  • Gold Medal in B. Sc (Honours) in Economics as a University Topper in 1998.
  • National Scholarship in B.Sc (Honours) in Economics in 1998
  • Medal from West Bengal College and University Teachers’ Association for securing the highest marks in Economics in 1998.
  • Harisadhan Bhattacharya Memorial Endowment Scholarship in 1998.
Research Award :
  • Outstanding Paper Award Winner of Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013
  • The faculty Development Programme on Research Methodology using SPSS, Feb 16-18, 2012 in association with School of Management Sciences, West Bengal University of Technology.
  • Case Writing, Teaching and Research Workshop organized by Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Case Research Centre (IIMCCRC) held during June 14 -15, 2012 at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.
Papers presented at national level seminars/conferences
  • Productivity of sales force: An empirical Analysis International Marketing Conference-MARCON 2010, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta held on December 27-29,2010(with Dr. Mehir Baidya)
  • Sustainability of Foodgrain Production in West Bengal: An Econometric Analysis National seminar on Managing in a Global Economy Challenges and Strategies organized by Institute of Business management (Jadavpur University), March 6-7, 2009.
  • Projection of Demand and Supply of Foodgrain by ARIMA Model in West Bengal International Conference on "India in the Emerging Global Order" at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, 29-31 January 2007 (with Prof Bani Chatterjee).
  • Effects of Awareness of Modern Inputs and Education on Sustainable Foodgrain Production: An Empirical Analysis in West Bengal Ninth Biennial Conference on Ecological Sustainability and Human Well-being at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 15-18 December 2006 (with Prof Bani Chatterjee).
  • Crop Diversification in West Bengal during Pre-and Post-Liberalization Period: An Econometric Study”, IV International Conference on “Globalization & Sectoral Development”, Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, New Delhi held during 17 th – 19 th February, 2006 (with Prof Bani Chatterjee).
  • Growth Trends in West Bengal’s Foodgrain Production since 1970’s: An Empirical Analysis”, XXIX Indian Social Science Congress held in the University of Lucknow, Lucknow India, Vol. XXIX, Paper no. 10055 (with Prof Bani Chatterjee) held during 26th -30 th December, 2005.
International journals
  • Forecasting GDP growth rates of India: An empirical study with B. Chatterjee International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (USA), 2012, 1, 9, 52-58.
  • An empirical investigation of the effect of advertising in shaping the relationship between sales and price of two entrepreneur brands with M. Baidya & K. Ghose, Asia- Pacific Journal of Business Administration (UK), 2013, 6, 2.
  • Measuring dynamic effects of advertising: A case study in India with M. Baidya & Kamal Ghose, Journal of Indian Business Research (UK), 2012, 4, 3, 158-169.
  • Effectiveness of integrated marketing communications: Empirical analysis of two brands in India with M. Baidya, Journal of Indian Business Research (UK), 2010, 2, 1, 23-31.
  • Returns to Scale of Foodgrain Production: An Empirical Test in India with Bani Chatterjee, European Journal of Social Sciences (UK), 2010, 14, 3, 496-501.
  • Assessing Farmer Awareness for Modern Inputs: An Empirical Analysis with Bani Chatterjee, European Journal of Social Sciences (UK), 2010, 15, 4, 537-543.
  • Assessing Productivity of Personal Selling Effort in India with M. Baidya and K. Ghose, Asian Journal of Business Research (NZ), 2011, 1, 1, 37-45.
  • Relationship between marketing efforts and sales for consumer brands: A multiple regression investigation with M. Baidya, International Journal of Management (UK), 2011, 28, 1(2), 387-393.
National journals:
  • An Econometric Analysis on Marketing Efforts: A Case Study. Bhavishya, 1: 95-102.
  • Effect of Modern Inputs on Foodgrains Productivity: A Macro Analysis in West Bengal. Journal of Agricultural Situation in India, 54: 291-295.
  • An Empirical Analysis in West Bengal”. ICFAI Journal of Agricultural Economics, 4: 23-26.
  • An Econometric study”. Anvesak, 37: 29-40.
  • An Econometric Analysis”. Indian Journal of Regional Science, 38: 96-103.
Resource Person/ Lectures
  • Academic sessions on AICTE sponsored 3-day (23-25th Jan) workshop using SPSS at Thaigarajar School of Management on Research Methodology.
  • (Principal Co-ordinator- Dr.Vidya Rajaram Iyer Co-ordinator- Dr. Bipasha Maity)