Human Resource

The TSM HR Club is formed to make the students to get involved in knowing the current happenings in the field of HR and to highlight the role of Human Resource Management in the corporate environment, also to enable the students to have interactions with professionals with a view to update their knowledge. Periodic lectures and discussions are held with the HR professionals. The TSM HR Club is named as “n ACH” , meaning need for achievement.


The mission of the marketing club of TSM is to make the club the most valuable resource for aspiring marketers at TSM through coordination of its members, officers, and third-party contacts (e.g., faculty, speakers, other TSM clubs, and the marketing clubs of other MBA schools in Tamilnadu & elsewhere).


The objective of this club is to keep track of the latest developments in capital markets and financial management discipline. The Finance club of TSM is named as HEDGE. The financial parliaments, guest lectures and quiz programs are some of the regular activities of the club.

IT Club

IT club focuses on throwing light into the developments taking place in the world of Information Technology.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The main objective of the cell is to promote entrepreneurship among the student community. It organizes Entrepreneurship Awareness camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and also inter-active sessions with successful entrepreneurs.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a Fine Arts club. Students who are interested in cultural activities and other fine arts are identified and encouraged to be the members of this club. Students participate in the intercollegiate competitions such as classical vocal, classical dance, instrumental music, mono acting, mime shows. etc.

Kaizen - Operations Management Club of TSM

Kaizen is a student-run organization that provides its members the education and tools required to succeed in Operations careers. The club is dedicated to budding managers who would able to meet the challenges of tomorrow's dynamic business environment by focusing on the latest practices of Operations.


List of Books Reviewed

Book TitleAuthorLanguage
Who moved my cheese Spencer Johnson English
The Professional Subroto Bagchi English
Five Point Someone Chetan Bhagath English
Don’t sweat a small stuff Richard Carlson English
The 7 habits of highly effective people Stephen R.Covey English
Predictable results in Unpredictable times Stephen R.Covey English
The Power of Positive Thinking Norman Vincent Pale English
Count your chickens before they hatch Arindam Chaudhuri English
Dabawallas Shrinivas Pandit English
The Broker John Grisham English
The Last Lecture Randy Pausch English
Six Thinking Hats Edward De Bono English
The Monk who sold his Ferrari Robin Sharma Tamil
Iconoclast Gregory Berns Tamil
Fooled by Randomness Nassim Nicholas Taleb English
The Alchemist Paulo Coelho English
Blink Malcolm Gladwell English
Discover Your Destiny Robin Sharma English
Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman English
The World is Flat Thomas L.Friedman English
The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell English
Man’s Search for Meaning Victor Frankl English
The White Tiger Aravind Adiga English
The Black Swan Nassim Nicholas Taleb English
First things First Stephen Covey English
You Can Win Shiv Khera English
First, Break all the rules Curt Coffman
Markus Buckingham


The vision of this club is to increase the strategic and analytical thinking level of students for their professional enrichment. The primary objective is to foster relationships with companies and facilitate knowledge in corporate management and strategy in order to expand students’ career opportunities. The activities of the strategy club include conducting events like IPL Bidding, Case discussions and more.

Kaizen-Operations Management Club

Kaizen is a student-run organization that provides its members the education and tools required to succeed in operation careers. The club is dedicated to the building managers who would be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s dynamic business environment by focusing on the latest practices of operations.

Chandai Club

This Birthday Wishes Activity is a part of chandai club. It bring the happiness of every student in TSM where it is composed of birthday charts to wish them and so they feel very special on the day. Moreover this was first started through online but to make it more interactive, effective and to make touch and feel , charts were displayed and wishes are written by friends and when it is presented to the person they feel very happy and it long lasts in their mind and heart as a special token and remembrance of love from all.

We Care

We Care is the Academic Social Responsibility club of TSM. It was initiated by our Director, Prof. N. Venkiteswaran. MBA 10-12 batch students attended Rural Immersion Programme (RIP) in tie up with Tata Dhan Academy and set of students decided to continue rendering service to the society.


  • To bring about a sense of social responsibility among the TSMites
  • To provide Academic aids to the rural students
  • To help the downtrodden by providing monetary and non – monetary measures

Activities Undertaken

Indian Association for Blind (IAB) : Indian Association for the blind (IAB) in 15 Sep. 1985. IAB was started without any government aid, supported by well wishers whose goodwill was earned by the founder (S.M.A. Jinnah) over several years. IAB was started as a tuition/guidance center with hostel facilities for 4 college going boys; currently it caters to 360 students every year with many state wide projects benefiting the blind community throughout Tamilnadu. A visually challenged child can enter IAB at the age of 5 and can leave at the age of 23 / 25 after completing total education in his/her field of choice.

They were using Cassettes which were out dated and due to revision of the syllabus, the immediate requirement was audio recording in CDs. As a first step TSM faculty and students took initiative and completed recording a B.Ed (Tamil Literature) text book. Also in the pipeline is donation of head phones for the students of IAB, who are into Customer care for various telecom services.


Abode Trust was founded in the year 1991 by Shri. Iruthayaraj in Madurai. The Trust initially focused on rehabilitation and relief works for prisoners in Madurai Jail. In the year 1998, he started a home for the children of the prisoners with eight children that have now grown up to 65 children now who are mostly children of prisoners and sex workers, orphans/semi orphans, run away, street children, etc. the Trust is presently running with the support of local philanthropists and well-wishers. The home is located near Arapalayam Bus Stand in Madurai city. A team of 10 We Care volunteers visited Abode and provided snacks and chocolates to the kids and spent time by involving the kids in various games. A drawing competition was conducted to the students of Abode to enhance creativity. Prof. M. Selvalakshmi, Faculty, TSM sponsored stationary materials, prizes, chocolates and gifts to the students.


Ilampirai is a non - governmental organization working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India. The goal is to give required assistance to the schools that lack the necessary support facilities and resources. The organization aims to grow both in scope and geographical coverage. It is formed by the alumni of SASTRA University – Batch of 2008. A team of 6 We Care volunteers joined hands with Ilampirai to Meenakshipatti, a village in the outskirts of Madurai and organised a Knowledge Development programme, which includes activities like Treasure Hunt, Collage, Quiz, Skit for a set of 50 students of age 10 to 20 years.

Career Guidance and spoken English classes for students in villages

Career guidance and spoken English was provided to the village students with the help of Mr. Jayanth, alumni of TSM from Career Launcher, Madurai division.