Alumni Programme

“Like Branches on a Tree we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain the same "

The “Reflexions” , TSM Alumni Annual Gathering at various locations (Chennai,Madurai,Bangalore) has been the most awaited event for our Alumni to go back a few years in their memories and to share those energetic smiles with their batch mates just like old times at TSM with untiring zeal.

The Alumni association tries to maintain a lifelong relationship with its former students and continues to nurture their potential for the right reasons to throw few insights on the pursuing graduates for their bright future and have eminent Alumni to reunite and continue to grow along with TSM.

REFLEXIONS 2016 @ Chennai on 21st February 2016

The Alumni meet “REFLEXIONS 2016”, Chennai Chapter was held on February 2016 at Hotel RajPark. The meet was inaugurated by Prof. Gautam Ghosh, Director Thiagarajar School of Management and Dr.J.Sathyakumar felicitated the gathering and Dr.SelvaLakshmi, Principal, Thiagarajar School of Management addressed the august occasion graced by more than 50 eminent alumni and their family members ranging across various batches from 1982 to 2015 on this Event of reunion. This memorable occasion paved way for our Alumni to inspire and get inspired by knowing each and every one much better in the self introduction session.

On this Alumni meet our Alumni expressed their Ideas and suggestions that could add more value to the institution. Our highly regarded Alumni were also ready to offer Internship for the Candidates of TSM. The event had its ebb of richness when the whole hall was filled with our Alumni’s words that brought back the memories of TSM with its bliss and honor. This cloud of memory and nostalgia reminded persistent by watching a video highlighting “THE GLIMPSES OF TSM”.

The random pick Game Event “Lucky Draw” excited the whole crowd to know who “OUR LUCKIEST ALUMNI” was for the Meet. The REFLEXION 2016 was a great gathering that had inspired and become special and memorable for almost all of them to know the very diversified successful ventures each of our Alumni had taken up to remain unique in every field named to bring laurels and credit to TSM and TSM Family.

REFLEXIONS 2016 @ Bangalore on 3rd April 2016

The Alumni meet “REFLEXIONS 2016”, Banglore Chapter was held on 3rd April 2016 at Koramangala Club,Banglore . The meet was inaugurated by Prof. Gautam Ghosh, Director Thiagarajar School of Management and Dr.Prof.J.Sathyakumar felicitated the august gathering of 14 eminent alumni and their family members ranging across various batches from 1993 to 2015. This occasion of reunion paved way for our Alumni to get their network of professionals much stronger by the interaction the event had created.

This Alumni meet had also provided the greatest chance for the current Alumni Team at TSM to get inspired and imbibe a lot of learning, from the experiences shared by the Alumni. The reminiscent day brought back their days at TSM that cherished the very purpose of the event with Joy and Memories. The greatest value added by our Alumni to the institution on this day was their consent to offer and support in the placement and internship process for the current and future batches at TSM.

This Alumni meet had become one of those events that had made one more avenue to bring back the memories of Hope and Success at TSM and marked a chance for our Alumni to revere that they are more important in the TSM Family to add more value to it in the days to come.

 REFLEXIONS 2016 @ Madurai on 10th April 2016

The Alumni meet at Madurai was held at our campus on 10th April 2016 with all moments of memories hovering in every nuke and corner of TSM. The event was adorned by the August gathering of Alumni starting from 1977 batch till 2015.  It was the most awaited event for all the 31 elited Alumni who made it a point to visit the college on this day of reunion and reminiscence. This wonderful occasion was addressed and facilitated by Dr.M.Selvalakshmi,Principal Thiagarajar School of Management and Dr.J.Sathyakumar, Staff Cordiantor,TSM Alumni cell and one of our Alumni Mr.Jayakumar, Director , Jayaram Bakery. The entire gathering was also joined by the Deans of MBA and PGDM program and a few of the members of faculty to add more value and importance to the purpose of this Alumni Meet 2016.

The dedicated and concerned suggestions given by our Alumni were of greater use to the current students at TSM. The involvement and interaction of the Alumni has also helped to attain a sense of ownership among the Alumni towards their Alma Mater. It has paved the way to create a wider network with the esteemed Alumni of TSM that has opened up several opportunities for the TSMites to approach them for their support in Placement and summer internship programs. The events made all of them take up this responsibility to remember that they are part of this one big TSM family inorder to cherish and own each and every success of TSM.

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