The Students of TSM, the most valued members of this esteemed Institution are exposed to the best of Management Education with vast opportunities for Excellence and professionalism. The Student life at TSM is enhanced by the benefits of the residential program that has enabled the students from various parts of the country to get along with each other’s varied Culture and unique ideas. A plethora of knowledge base is prevalent in the Campus as TSM has paved the way for Students from various backgrounds such as Engineering, Social Sciences, Commerce, and Liberal Arts to pitch in under merit to attain the Quality Education offered at TSM.

The incredible diversity of students emerging in this campus are proudly united by this one vibrant caption “TSMites” representing every individual who are made responsible Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs with no compromise on Ethics and Values. Students are not only encouraged and enhanced on Managerial Activities or academics but are also recognized and appreciated as strong Athletes, Skilled Speakers, Enthusiastic Dancers, Sportive Players, Assertive Managers and as Talented Aspirants with an empowering motto set for every TSMite to “Learn To Learn”.