Go Green

TSM is gifted with lush green campus where the eco-friendly “paradise like life” can be lived in the earth. Our surroundings consisting of over 9000 trees which is home to some exotic varieties of birds and small mammals. Colourful flower and vegetation plants are covering 17 acres of land which adds beauty to the paradise. With over 35,000 square feet of lush green lawns cover the ground acts as a green carpet for students to feel better at relaxing time and it also assist for improved learning.

We are maintaining our flora and fauna daily with care as our mother nature will need to be with us. We are treating water from used source to redeposit on earth for the fertility of the surroundings and for balancing the ground water. It also keeps us away from shortage of water. Conserving water and nature for future is one of the best practices followed in our TSM.

Green campus supports the students to keep away from pollution and maintains carbon neutral environment which is a gift that can’t be available in every other institutes at least in Madurai. It also ensures healthy, Hygiene study environment for better learning life without any discomforts. It relieves lot of stress that can’t be ignored in the life of management students.