Dr. Senthil V
Assistant Professor
  • Participated Summer Research Fellowship at IIT Delhi
  • Participated Summer Research Fellowship at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkatta
  • Participated and presented in six international conferences included ICIMTR-2012, Malaysia and ITInnovations-2008, UAE.

Prof Senthil has 15 years of academic and 3 years of industry experience. His area of research includes ICT Applications, eTourism, Digital Sentiment Analysis, Digital Watermarking, Wavelet Transforms and Multimedia Computing. He has published six IEEE & ACM indexed research papers and has participated and presented in six international conferences included ICIMTR-2012, Malaysia and ITInnovations-2008, UAE. He has participated in six workshops including one at JTG-Summer School at Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore and at IIT-Delhi. He is the Technology Manager at Thiagarajar School of Management.

Area of Research:ICT Applications in Business,e-Tourism, Digital Innovations and Wavelet Transforms

  • Paper titled “Does the more Internet usage Provide Good Academic Grades?”, Springer Journal of Education and Information Technologies, May 2018, (Scopus Indexed)
  • Paper titled “A Study of Social Media Applications in Indian Tourism” published in IEEE Advancing Technology for Humanity, IEEE Xplore, March 2016.
  • Paper titled “Is Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Influence the Business Growth of Tamilnadu Tourism?” published in the International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 5, No. 2, June 2015.
  • Paper titled "Information Technology Services issues and challenges with a case study in Small Medium Enterprises" published in International Journal of System and Software Engineering, Vol. 3, issue 2, 2015
  • Paper titled “How Social Media tools influence the business growth of Indian Tourism” presented at 2nd International Conference on Business Analytics & Intelligence (ICBAI), IISc, Bangalore, Dec. 2014
  • Paper titled “Digital watermarking in video broadcasting using a random walk method : Towards proprietorship” at international conference on innovation, management and technology research (ICIMTR 2012) at Malaysia , indexed in SCOPUS and also indexed in IEEE Explore ISBN – 978-1-4673-0655-3,pp 5352540
  • Paper titled on “Logo Watermarking using Wavelets and Edge Detection with Robustness Analysis against JPEG Compression” published in the Journal of Wavelet Theory and its applications, ISSN - 0973-6336, vol.3, 2009
  • Paper titled “Digital Image Watermarking using Edge Detection and Wavelets with Robustness Analysis against JPEG Compression Attacks “, Indexed in IEEE Explore ISBN –978-4244-3396-4, Vol. 1, pp 583-587, 2008
  • Paper titled “Robustness Analysis of Blind and Non-Blind Multiple Watermarking using Edge Detection and Wavelet Transforms” Indexed in IEEE Explore, ISBN –978-4244-2962, Vol. 1, pp 106-111, 2008
  • Paper titled “Analysis of Robustness in Multiple Watermarking using Edge detection and Wavelet Transforms “Indexed in IEEE Explore ISBN –978-1- 4244-2327, Vol. 4, pp 1-7, 2008
  • Paper titled “Wavelet Based Digital Image Watermarking with Robustness against Geometric Attacks “ indexed in ACM & IEEE Explore, ISBN –07695- 3050-8, Vol. 4, pp 89-93, 2007

Area of teaching:IT & Systems

Teaching subjects

  • e-Commerce
  • Data Analytics using R
  • Data Visualization
  • Big Data in Management

Membership, Consultancies and MDP’s
Member, Society for Advanced Computing

Conferences Attended:

  • National Conference on Emerging Technologies and its applications on Computers, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, 11-12, April 2014
  • National Symposium on Mathematical Modeling and Applications, Indian Institute of Technology, 22 December 2009.
  • Third National Conference on Innovations in ICT, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, 21-22, September 2007
  • National Conference on Methods and Models in computing, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 18-19 December 2006.

Papers presented at international level seminars/conferences

  • INDIACom – 2016, 3rd International conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development, New Delhi, 16-18, March 2016
  • Second International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 19 - 21, December 2014
  • International Conference on Innovation Management and Technology Research (ICIMTR), University of Technology, Malacca, Malaysia, 21-22, May 2012
  • 16th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications (ADCOM), Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, Madras, 14-17 December 2008
  • 5th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IT Innovations), College of IT, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates, 2008
  • International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications (ICICIMA), MepcoSchlenkEngg. College, Sivakasi, 13-15 December 2007
  • International conference on Recent Trends in Information Systems (IRIS) 2006, National Engineering College, Kovilpatti, 6-8 January 2006