For students, corporate culture is a conundrum. On the one hand, it is vital. Happy, motivated students working toward shared values deliver a consistent experience to corporates, bringing tangible financial rewards.From the point of employees and faculty, brand perceptions stem from an organization’s culture.

Employees/ faculty want a good cultural fit—they want viable work/life solutions.T.S.M. so far has demonstrated an open and adaptive culture. Its history is as old as IIM-A.On the other hand, it is hard to change culture. It cannot be spoken into existence; it is a product of behaviors, symbols, and mindsets. The tone at the top is critical.
Ultimately, culture is a product of behaviors learned and passed down from the CEO and Board. But departments, divisions, and subsidiaries also set their own tone, and it shifts as people, products, and systems evolve.For students wanting to change—to adapt to new curricula, new e-learning modules, simulation games, new live projects, new employer expectations—culture ought to be a powerful lever. But we can say with certainty that culture is a function of people.

In T.S.M., Yukti, Sports meets, Inter-School competitions- all buttress

‘Superficial’ aspects such as patterns of behaviour andobservable symbols and ceremonies, and more deep seated‘underlying’ values, assumptions and beliefs. These are ethics, manners, integrity and honesty. All said, the faculty, the curriculum and the atmosphere in college is sometimes less fun and more rigorous. Students learn the nitty-gritties of making a great presentation there and so they grapple withvarious business competitions.

Placement wise – All T.S.M. seniors had amazing placement with Marketing domain winning the package game and the horizon still bright till 2017. Despite the scarcity of jobs, each and every eager student managed to get into well-rung companies. After all these years, all previous students are fairly successful working in all corners of the world. The grit, dedication and skillset that this college nurtures is simply fantastic. It surely prepares one to easily wade way out through the twists and turns of life.

The greenery, peacocks, humming birds are already there to spruce up the scene. Infrastructure is revamped here and there with AC classrooms, smart boards, projectors, and the like have come up within the campus.The Management has become more responsive and interactions with Alumni have become stronger. Faculty is a good mix of older experienced people and younger, brighter PhD’s.Rest, like many of the top institutes, one can be sure of the quality standard of T.S.M. students and there is a certain benchmark that they all live upto even for admissions.

It is a fine-grain process where any student with less than 6 CGPA is not allowed entry. Only one repeat examination, marks for attendance in class, battery of evaluation components, Viva-Voce of both subjects and SIP are the hall marks of T.S.M. Culturally and intellectually, the bar is continually raised.

In summary, number of key factors: