Journals Magazines
International National Total National International Total GT
17 38 55 40 3 43 98
List of Newspapers: 4
  • The Hindu
  • The New Indian Express
  • Business Line
  • The Times of India
E-Resource (online database)
  • CMIE – Prowess
  • OPAC
  • National Digital Library of India
  • Tamilnadu Digital Library
  • Elsevier Science Direct e journal 72
  • BACK VOLUMES: 3626
  • CDS: 3036
  • DVD: 480
  • FLOPPY: 38
  • CASSETTE: 94
  • H B S CASES:27213 Copies procure during period 2019-2020
# International Journals Publisher
1 Harvard Business Review Harvard Business School
2 Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers IIM, Ahmedabad
3 IIM B Management Review IIM, Bangalore
4 IIM KOZHIKODE: Society & Management Review Sage Publication
5 Asia –Pacific Journal of Management Research Asia –Pacific Journal of Management, New Delhi
6 The Journal of Entrepreneurship Sage Publication
7 Journal of Emerging Marketing Finance Sage Publication
8 Global Business Review Sage publication, new Delhi
9 Indian Journal Of Industrial Relations Industrial Relations and H R, New Delhi
10 Indian Journal Of Training and Development Training and Development, New Delhi
11 International Journal of Rural Management IRM ANAND
12 Metamorphosis: A journal of Management Research IIM LUCKNOW
13 Foreign Trade Review Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
14 Journal of Human values Sage Publication
15 Management and Labour Studies Sage Publication
16 Asian Journal of Management Cases Lahore University of Management Sage Publication
17 VISION : The Journal of Business Perspective Management Development Institute, Gurgon, India
# National Journals Publisher
1 Accounting Research & Audit Practice ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad
2 Applied Finance IUP Press, Hyderabad
3 Abhigyan FORE SCHOOL New Delhi
4 Business Strategy IUP Press, Hyderabad
5 Bank Management IUP Press, Hyderabad
6 Brand Management IUP Press, Hyderabad
7 Case Folio IUP Press, Hyderabad
8 Corporate Governance IUP Press, Hyderabad
9 CII Communique Confederation of India Industry
10 Dalal Street journal Ramdeo Media Pvt Ltd.,
11 Entrepreneurship Development IUP Press, Hyderabad
12 Financial Risk Management IUP Press, Hyderabad
13 Finance India IndianInstitute of Finance
14 Indian Management Business Standard Limited, Delhi
15 Indian Journal of Marketing IJM
16 Indian Journal of Research in Capital Markets IJM New Delhi
17 Indian Journal Of Economics & Research IJM New Delhi
18 Marketing Management IUP Press, Hyderabad
19 Management Research IUP Press, Hyderabad
20 KURUKSHETRA: Journal of Rural Development Ministry of Rural Development
21 Knowledge Management ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad
22 Organisational Management Management association, Palghat
23 Organizational Behaviour IUP Press, Hyderabad
24 Operations Management IUP Press, Hyderabad
25 Resonance Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore
26 South Asian Journal of Management AMDISA, Hyderabad
27 Supply Chain Management IUP Press, Hyderabad
28 Survey : A Journal of Management and Welfare Studies I I S B M KOLKATA
29 The Chartered Accountant The Indian Institute of Economics
30 PRABANDHAN: Indian Journal of Management IJM
31 Indian Journal of Finance IJM
32 TSM Business Review Thiagarajar School of Management
33 USHUS Journals of Business Management Christ University
34 SEDME Journal Ni-msme
35 Soft Skills IUP Press, Hyderabad
36 Effective Executive IUP Press, Hyderabad
37 Applied Economics IUP Press, Hyderabad
38 Yojana Ministry of information & Broadcasting

MBA Magazines List

# International Magazines Publisher
1 Fortune Time Asia (Hong Kong) Ltd
2 The Economist The Economist Newspaper Ltd, London
3 Time Time Asia (Hong Kong)
# National Magazines Publisher
1 Business Today Living Media India Ltd, New Delhi
2 Business World ABP Pvt Ltd
3 Business Mandate MMA, Chennai
4 Brainfeed Higher education Plus Brainfeed Higher education Plus HYDERABAD
5 Business India Business India Pub
6 Business Economics Contemporary News Private Ltd.,
7 Competition Success Review CSR Publication, New Delhi
8 Capital Market Capital Market Pvt Ltd, Publication Mumbai
9 Chartered Secretary Institute of company Secretaries of India, New Delhi
10 Careers 360 Outlook Publication group, Mumbai
11 Competition Affairs Competition Affairs, Chandigarh
13 Down To Earth Society for Environmental Communications, New Delhi.
14 Economic And Political Weekly EPW Research Foundation, Mumbai
15 Education World D.T.Media Bangalore
16 Corporate India Corporate India publication, New Delhi
17 Infinithought Infinithought Publication, Chennai
18 Femina Bennett, Coleman&Co.Ltd, Mumbai
19 Frontline The Hindu kasturi Buildings Chennai
20 Franchising World Franchising World Pub
21 General Knowledge Today CSR Publication, New Delhi
22 India Today India Today Publication, New Delhi
23 Indian Economy Review Capital Market Publishers, Mumbai.
24 Industrial Economist Economist Communications Ltd, Chennai
25 Images Retail Images Multi Media Pvt.Ltd
26 National Geography IBH Magazine service, Mumbai
27 Outlook Money Outlook Publication group, Mumbai
28 Outlook Outlook Publication group, Mumbai
29 Outlook Business Outlook Publication group, Mumbai
30 Overdrive Info media India Ltd, (w) Mumbai
31 Reserve Bank Of India Bulletin RBI Publication, Mumbai
32 Reader’s Digest Reader’s Digest, Mumbai
33 Span Span Publication, New Delhi
34 Sport Star The Hindu Publication group
35 The Week MalayalaManorama Press
36 Tell Me why MalayalaManorama Press
37 Data Quest Cyber Media (India) Pvt Ltd
38 Electronics Bazaar EFY Publication
39 Electronics for you plus EFY Publication
40 My Vote Matters I E C New Delhi