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Over half a century ago in Madurai, the Thiagarajar School of Management was established with the aim of imparting professional education to managers and equipping them with enhanced managerial skills to help them boost their career prospects. Situated on a sprawling, verdant 17-acre campus, TSM boasts of a pedagogy and infrastructure that’s comparable with the best in the world. It’s a management school that combines global perspective and local insights, enabling the students to touch greater heights of success in their profession.

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Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB)

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    TSM Madurai and TVS Srichakra Ltd., is singing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 3 Aug 2022

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  • TSM and TVS Srichakra Ltd., signed an MoU

    Institution Rankings: What does it mean to a MBA/PGDM student?

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Our Placement activity comprises of a comprehensive structured plan taking forward the motives of achieving 100% placements consistently


Alumni Association

TSM has a very large alumni base, with many alumni holding leadership positions in india and abroad. Now through regular interactions, the institute keeps track of alumni’s progress, and reach out to alumni who are available for mentorship and placements. The alma mater relationship increasingly favor job search, business transactions and funding opportunities.

Alumni of 3400+ members
Alumni of 3400+ members
Alumni spread across 30+ Countries
Alumni spread across 30+ Countries
100+ Alumni Entrepreneurs
100+ Alumni Entrepreneurs

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  • NIRF Institute Ranking (2022)
    NIRF Institute Ranking (2022)
  • Career 360 (2019)
    Career 360 (2019)
  • Outlook ICARE (South Zone)
    Outlook ICARE (South Zone)
  • The Week (2019)
    The Week (2019)
Rural Development Immersion Program

Rural Development Immersion Program

Rural Development Immersion Program
TSM exchange programs

TSM exchange programs

TSM exchange programs

Alumni Testimonials

Mr. Ashok Ninan
Mr. Ashok Ninan TSM Class of 1999
Managing Director – BMI India.

TSM is a great place to learn. The opportunities to learn from good quality teachers, the rich dose of student led activities like Synergy, live-project opportunities, etc. and learning engagements – inside and beyond the classrooms are great experiences to remember and cherish. My suggestion to the management students would be that they must make use of these learning opportunities during their days in TSM – to explore, engage and experience campus life. The transition from college to a corporate world is a bit challenging. However, if we choose to work hard and deliver our promise to customers (internal or external), we learn faster and lead better. My appreciation and gratitude to this great institution for all those wonderful opportunities and learning experiences.”

Mr. Jayakumar Radhakrishnan
Mr. Jayakumar Radhakrishnan TSM Class of 2002
Co-founder – Optisol Business Solutions

“Great institutions provide engaging experiences, connections, and confidence to take on the challenges in work life. My experiences at TSM and the community life exemplify this on many counts. A choice to move around different courses, exchanges, and connections within and beyond the walls of a classroom are opportunities of a lifetime that every learner must leverage to the best. The power of feedback, peer support, coaching from competent peers and teachers, and networking, are significant opportunities to explore in college days. TSM will always remain a special place for me and our team. Because it’s where we found ourselves, we began to believe that success is teamwork. We continue to nurture our friendship, grow together, and looking forward to sustaining our enterprise for generations.”

Mr. Premkumar P
Mr. Premkumar P TSM Class of 2001
Co-founder – Optisol Business Solutions

“Moments spent as college students are fleeting. The classes, interactions, and experience with teachers all may seem more abstract and theoretical. However, the imperatives to learn and understand business management fundamentals, organizational behaviour, marketing management, etc., are undeniable. As we ventured into the world of business, our experience connecting to and delivering to customer’s delight, our learnings and experiences embedded us with a rich dose of humility and perseverance, which continue to be our guidepost as we interact with our stakeholders. We continue to cherish and live our friendships, our partnerships, beyond TSM and we are grateful as ever, to this wonderful institution.”

Mr. Karthik Murugian
Mr. Karthik Murugian TSM Class of 2001
Co-founder – Optisol Business Solutions

“The foundation of our entrepreneurial journey, the Optisol journey, all got initiated in our TSM days when we had the opportunity to interact, the community life and our learnings from our teachers on campus and the relationships that blossomed beyond thereafter. The moments that we spent at TSM, the memories and the connections that we created and the love for learning, all continue to ignite passion among us, our Optisol team, to create impactful experience to all our customers and stakeholders.”

Mr. Rajesh Sethuraman
Mr. Rajesh Sethuraman TSM Class of 2001
VP – Marketing, Easy Buy
Max Retail Division, Landmark Group

“TSM is a place close to my heart for all learnings, gratitude to our teachers, who we have sought on for clarifications, confidence-building, and the overall community life at TSM. Career choices are not made in a day and it takes time to understand what we really want. The exposure and engagement that I had at TSM gave me more confidence to pursue unchartered waters (Sales), with vigor. It’s a big world out there and there is a place for all of us. However, what it really takes is to commit yourself to continuously learn, foster a team, and learn to leverage networking, seek support, and pay it forward. By best wishes to all the management graduates of TSM and gratitude to this great institution.”

ASHWINA S RAJ PGDM ( 2017-2019)

What I like most in TSM life is the college itself. The lush green campus and the calm-serene ambience. The faculty here is really awesome. They inspired me, and got me interested in learning new subjects. As a person who is new to understanding management, TSM did a great job in resolving this by helping me learn all about what management really is.

MEDHA GHOSH PGDM (2017-2019)
West Bengal

TSM is one of the top colleges in Tamil Nadu. It has one of the well experienced & talented faculty members. The infrastructure of TSM is awesome. There is 24*7 Wi-Fi facility. Real exposure & practical activities are provided. There are lot of field work we have to do for marketing which is kind of a new thing for students coming from different academic background.

MOITRY GHOSH PGDM ( 2017-2019)
West Bengal

I am pleased with my stay at TSM because of its friendly yet professional way of teaching. Students here are friendly, cooperative and always lend a helping hand. It is my home away from home.

Andhra Pradesh

With an ample number of dreams and thoughts, blissfully landed up here in TSM (Thiagarajar school of management). Being seated between the students of diversified backgrounds is enabling us to share the ideas and helping us to take a step ahead.Excitement adds in learning when one is ensured with holistic development in which TSM is standing out at its best. Feeling grateful for an opportunity to be placed in the hands of positive souls and the greens. Hope the best is yet to experience and wish we could unfold it


Well, It’s my privilege to share my experience at Thiagarajar School Of Management. I feel like I have been more closely associated with my new family at TSM because I don’t feel away from my home. TSM is a very good platform to acquire the necessary skills required in a corporate world. In the Southern region I personally feel this is the best place to procure knowledge as well as skills.

West Bengal

Being an out-station student, it was nothing but obvious for me to worry as to whether I will fit in the complete new environment .This Institution and the people here clarified my doubt by making me feel at home. This Institution has been providing me all the prerequisites and exposure that I as a manager need to succeed in my dream career in the Corporate World. The TSM Campus is conducive to learning which has a serene green campus and best faculties from IITs and IIMs. Come here with confidence, you won’t regret

West Bengal

When I first stepped into TSM, I knew that I was in the right place. This Institution has been providing me all the prerequisites that a manager needs to thrive in the Corporate World. The TSM Campus is conducive to learning which has a lush green campus and a world class faculty from IITs and IIMs.

Andaman and Nicobar

Life @ TSM is a life time experience. Every morning we get to learn new stuff may it be regarding academics or extracurricular. Faculties are a real asset to the institution, always ready to enrich us with knowledge. Student driven clubs, various guest lectures, cultural events keep us engaged. The LIBRARY has got so much resource; I wish I could grasp all knowledge in this short span of time (hardly 700days).

MANISHA B MBA (2017-2019)
Andaman and Nicobar

The Lush green campus at TSM provides a platform where students have great opportunity to adapt to their knowledge and talent skills. The exposure to different activities and clubs is making one more stronger to meet the new corporate world as a good professional. Overall it’s a complete package of fun and studies and I am glad to be a part of the TSM family.

West Bengal

My experience in TSM has been a wonderful one so far. The lush green campus with a beautiful ambience makes our stay in TSM all the more beautiful. In terms of academics, the faculty here is truly the best one can get. The field projects, industrial visits are very enriching. The guest lectures gives us a better understanding of the corporate world. Our cultural programme also helps us discover our talents and gives us a platform to showcase them. TSM doesn’t alone focus on our academics. It takes care of our all-around development which surely will make us the best managers.


TSM has taught me Involvement and adaptability and its applications to tackle the uncertain situations. The learning in the class room and guest lectures with industry experts have given me confidence to manage various business situation the exposure and the experience gained at various industrial visits have motivated me to excel further.


First I didn’t know much about this college… But my father knew and he gave me the idea of joining it…on asking he told that it’s one of the most prestigious institutions in Southern India and it has a very good faculty. You will learn a lot from them and grow…though it is far…intact very far from home, in a different place, with different culture, a different world all together….but go…you’ll enjoy and learn…and also the placements are quite good that too improving arch year… Hence you should join there…and hence you see I am here