Chairperson Message

TSM’s ambition is to edify our students to become leaders of enterprises. We thrive to place our students in esteemed enterprises making their officialdom bloom with more talent. We prepare our students for the complex world that they will face when they leave the portals of this flaunted institute, by leveraging our close linkages with the industry. TSM has been very preemptive in identifying the global trends and shifts in the business landscape and has ground-breaking innovations to keep the education in tune with the transferences. TSM has an ironic network of alumni, leading and inspiring our students. The Corporate relations team comprising of our own TSM students efficiently steer the process. Our Placement activity comprises of a comprehensive structured plan taking forward the motives of achieving 100% placements consistently. Thanks K.Vignesh Chairperson – Placement

Why Recruit at TSM?

Thiagarajar School of Management being one of the well-established and reputed institutions with a motto of “Learn to Learn” has equipped students such that they are highly competent with the industrial needs. The students who get into TSM has already proven their capabilities by getting through a highly merit based selection process. By selecting the best ambitious students and honing their managerial skills, our institution has proved to be a choice of top recruiters in India. Various activities that are handled for students to ensure their wholesome development have made them team players and leaders. With a great diversity of student community, we enrich their knowledge by adapting different methodologies of learning and development. Every aspect of professionalism, leadership and corporate culture is being practiced by students and they continuously learn and grow. Alumni of TSM who are working with various top companies are excelling in their career growth and are making remarkable contributions and changes in the organisations. With this, recruiting at TSM will add value to your esteemed organisation.

Recruitment Activities

Career Enhancement Programme (CEP) – a completely student initiative program for 3600 approach of budding manager’s career enhancement. In this initiative, entirely students take up the leadership role and train themselves with the guidance of mentors. This CEP was initiated by the golden jubilee (2012 – 2014) batch of TSM. It aims at making students an industry ready personality with so many practical applications along with regular academics. Participants are given a platform to visualize academic and theoretical concepts through practical examples.

Our Corporate Partners