Considering the huge surge in the number of students seeking admission into the Management courses at TSM, we have decided to expand our Academic Staff. We are also eager to introduce more courses at the core and elective levels to ensure that our students attain the requisite skills to keep pace with changing industry requirements. TSM requires full-time faculty and faculty associates for teaching subjects like Finance, HRM, Marketing, Operations Management & Quantitative Methods, and Economics.

To apply for the position of Faculty Associate, the desired age of the candidate should be between 25 and 32, and for Faculty, between 28 to 35. TSM offers a remuneration package that is comparable with those of the best B-schools in the same category. The salary offered will be commensurate with the qualifications, work experience, track record, and so on. Furthermore, TSM offers support to its faculty who wish to carry on with consultancy and MDP; with this in mind, there is an excellent revenue sharing arrangement in place. All positions are Madurai based, which makes this very convenient for the faculty. TSM invites applications from freshly qualified professors, as well as those currently serving in other educational institutes, and industry executives who are looking for a visiting faculty position. All applications will be kept confidential. Please include a cover letter and your resume, and mention all relevant details.

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