Information Technology

At TSM, we have top-notch IT infrastructure that enables us to provide sophisticated and user-friendly tools for learning and research to our students as well as faculty. Our well-equipped computer lab, high speed network, and cutting-edge software facilitate modern teaching-learning processes. It also serves to pique interest in technology and innovative tools which students can leverage in their professional life

Currently, there are nearly 300 client computers with the following specifications: HCL Infiniti L A380, Intel H61, Intel Core I5, IC15, 2400, 3.10G, 2GB DDR RAM, & 500 GB SATA HDD. 6 Sony Vaio laptops that have specifications of VAIO E14A16FN/S/H Intel Core i7 /4GB/750 GB/14 Screen/DVDRW/WEB Camera/Bluetooth/Wifi/Card reader are also available. The entire TSM campus is connected by LAN


TSM has over 175 client desk computers: HCL infinity L A380, Intel H61, Intel Core I5, IC15, 2400,3.10G, 4GB DDR RAM, 500 GB SATA HDD, and additional 20 laptop clients with specifications as follow: Sony VAIO E14A16FN/S/H Intel Core i7 /4GB/750 GB/14? Screen/DVDRW/WEB Camera/Bluetooth/Wifi/Card reader.


The TSM WIFI network is a Controller based, fast and highly secured network with 108 Access Points that are distributed across the Main Building, Hostels, and Faculty Guest Houses. The Controller has the features of Bandwidth Management, Seamless Roaming, User authentication, Rogue AP Management and Device Authentication.


TSM has the following high definition Video conference system: Life-size Team 220 – Full HD Videoconferencing System – 1080P30, 720P60, H.239, Transmit& Receive, Dual HD Camera, Dual HD Display, 4Site MCU @ 1080P, with Dual Micpod and Samsung 55 inch LED TV.


At TSM, the IT infrastructure consists of multiple level architecture, with personal computers and workstations comprising the lowest layer. File and Database servers make up the second layer, with web and email servers, and other high-end servers and computers necessary for executing demanding tasks necessitating high resources, being the third. TSM Computer Center provides services like email, internet, storage, authorization, log monitoring, and web services, to all the members of the institute.


As critical infrastructure, TSM has deployed a high speed and highly reliable internet facility at its campus. The TSM Backbone network is 165 Mbps (1:1) OFC Leased Line spread across TSM campus; it is connected with LAN and WIFI Network to ensure 24/7 Internet access with minimal downtime. TSM also has the backup OFC Connection with a bandwidth of 45 mbps.


TSM offers top-notch smart classroom facility to its students. It includes the Ultra Short Throw Projector Epson EB 585W, Interactive Display Wacom DTU-1631 , Visualizer – Document Camera Elmo L12i, Mixer Amplifier TOA A- 2240, Amplifier of 240W output, Lavalier Microphone ATW 2110a & AT829cW Wireless Lapel microphon and rack-based receiver, Handheld Microphone ATW-2120a, Wireless Handheld microphone and rack-based receiver Speaker TOA BS-1030B.