The library is a quintessential part of an educational institution; in fact, it is its very soul. It is the place students can sit and learn in a tranquil environment, at their own pace. The onus of gathering, categorizing, maintaining, updating, and disseminating information through various books and digital resources, is of course, on the institution. At TSM, there is a vast repertoire of books, periodicals, online journals, databases, HBS cases, back volumes CDs/DVDs, Project reports, and audio / video cassettes, aimed at assisting students in research and acquiring knowledge. The institute prides itself on the high quality of service provided to the TSM community, and has been modernized through computerization; every element of housekeeping has also been updated, and this is connected to the network across the campus. With 133sqm, the Library can accommodate 80 people in the reading area, and it has nearly 30,000 books, on the topic of contemporary management. About 100 national and international journals and magazines are on the annual subscription list, and numerous copies of popular and prescribed texts for MBA and PGDM programs are also available.


OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue):

TSM has more than 29956 volumes, 831CDS, SIP Reports. The library’s catalogue of books and other reading material can be accessed through library intranet and Internet (OPAC). The library catalogue is searched by author, title, publisher, keyword and year of publication.

Dr. S. Sridhar

Dr.Sridhar has been awarded by the “Society for the advancement of Library and Information Sciences, Chennai” the “SALIS – AutoLib, Tamil Nadu Best Librarian Award in 2015.


“To build up a Library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books”- Carlos María Domínguez.

The chief librarian of TSM is Dr. S Sridhar, who has been rendering stellar service since 2001. He is highly qualified and has immense experience in total quality management. Under his able stewardship, the library has acquired a tremendous treasure of knowledge that benefits the entire TSM community – students and professors.

It is therefore only fitting that for his exemplary services to the Library and Information Science, and his noteworthy achievements in the arena, he was awarded the the “SALIS – AutoLib, Tamil Nadu Best Librarian Award in 2015 by the “Society for the advancement of Library and Information Sciences, Chennai”.