Shri B.T. Bangera

I am extremely happy to inform you that TSM attracts the best students and faculty, the key pillars of the institute. Our institute is committed and determined to achieve academic excellence and professional growth. Our vision carries hard work, open communication, teamwork, and high level of responsibility which allows our students not only to face challenges but also fulfil individual responsibilities to the sophisticated society and the nation at large. We provide the best environment for teaching – learning process, research, and innovative work. We are striving hard to create a world-class educational institution. We wish to offer the very best to our students. It is our sincere desire to serve the nation by creating the business leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Murali Sambasivan

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to one of the oldest management institutions in India — Thiagarajar School of Management (TSM), Madurai. TSM carries with it a rich legacy rooted in professionalism, updated knowledge, entrepreneurialism, and probity.

TSM leaves no stone unturned to make sure its programs are handled by faculty members who have strong academic and/or professional credentials.

TSM, by practicing the philosophy ‘learn to learn’, goes beyond the academics to groom the young aspirants who enter our portals into ethical leaders who will be the agents of change in a world driven by innovation and technology.

Dr. M. Selvalakshmi

TSM is a pioneer in nurturing young minds towards a successful management career in an ethical platform. TSM believes in providing quality and affordable education to the meritorious. Our motto “learn to learn” ensures that in the pursuit of knowledge, the learners develop a passion that engages and engulfs them throughout their career. The faculty team with a rich blend of industry and academic experience effectively facilitates the learning process. The curriculum is upgraded and updated periodically to meet the industry requirements. The state-of-the-art infrastructure set in a vivid background supports the making of managers of today and leaders of tomorrow. The illustrious alumni of TSM play an active role in being the change they wish to see in the corporate world.

Through its modest investment structure, contemporary educational practices, and ability to inculcate commitment as a culture among the students, TSM has established itself as the ideal choice for all its stakeholders. TSM continues to be a haven for management aspirants with a strong desire to equip, excel, and create ripples in the corporate world.

Beloved  Former Correspondent

Shri Manikam Ramaswami

Thiagarajar School of Management (TSM) was founded by late Shri. Karumuttu Thiagaraja Chettiar in 1962. Thereafter, late Shri. Manickavasagam Chettiar meticulously developed the institution by strictly following the high ideals set by its founders. The Manickavasagam Charitable Foundation of the Loyal Textile Mills Group manages and runs the institution today.

The faculty of TSM comprises of qualified and experienced full-time and visiting professors, many of whom are practicing professionals. Most of the regular courses are taught only by full-time

professors. The highly experienced professionals who serve as visiting faculty add to the value of the courses handled by our full-time faculty. Besides teaching, faculty members are also encouraged to undertake consultancy, workshops, training, and development programmes in their respective fields.

The students strive to upgrade themselves continually to keep up to the expectations of the present corporate world. Many of our students have been placed in respectable positions in various companies across the globe. In this endeavor to make a difference, we shall continue to serve the society by keeping in mind the ideals and objectives of the founders and our motto, ‘learn to learn’.

The Governing Board manages the strategic intent of the institution. The membership of the Board is periodically reviewed to assure suitability and relevance. The Board is led by Shri. Manikam Ramaswami, the Correspondent of the Institution. The composition of the Board is both internal and external, with a majority from external, to assure independence of the Board. The budget is formulated annually and reviewed periodically to accommodate changing expenditure patterns based on external and internal forces.

The governing body is very active and effective in providing strategic direction to the institution. The body meets periodically and reviews the institution’s performance in terms of enrolment, curriculum, infrastructure, placements, staffing, admission procedures, as well as any other pertinent aspect influencing the conduct of the institution.