Dr. Sivapragasam P

Dr. Sivapragasam P

Dr. Sivapragasam P

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Pondicherry University) - UGC JRF
Faculty Unique ID: 1-7453811985


Dr. Sivapragasam Panneerselvam, is an OB & HRM professor at the Thiagarajar School of Management (TSM) in Madurai, is not just a dedicated educator but also a passionate social worker. He strongly believes in uncovering and nurturing the hidden talents of individuals to help them realize their true potential. 

Dr. Siva holds an impressive academic background, including a doctoral degree in management from Pondicherry University and an MSW specializing in HR from the Madras School of Social Work (MSSW) in Chennai. His journey began as a community-based rehabilitation officer after completing a community health program at Christian Medical College, Vellore (TN). However, it was the devastating Tsunami in 2004 that prompted him to explore the field of social work, which eventually led him to discover his true calling in developing young minds and contributing to nation-building and societal improvement.  

His research interests span a wide range of topics, such as careers, corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, family business research, human resource management, leadership, organizational sciences, personality development, and professional effectiveness. As an avid researcher, he has published numerous articles in internationally recognized and peer-reviewed journals. 

Dr. Siva is known for embodying his passion in his work, inspiring others to lead more meaningful, passionate, and joyful lives. He wears many hats, serving as a trainer, career counselor, engaging researcher, and consultant focusing on areas like CSR, culture, leadership, employability, and positive youth development. 

With a hands-on approach, Dr. Siva actively involves learners and professionals in honing their people skills for personal and professional growth. His learning and developmental programs provide enriching experiences, helping individuals strengthen their voice, align with their values, find fulfillment and happiness in both their work and personal lives. 


Sivapragasam, P., & Balaraman, K. (2018). Water Problems and Public Participation in Chennai City: An Empirical Study. Journal of the Madras School of Social Work (JMSSW)12(1-2), 30-46.

Sivapragasam, P., & Raya, R. P. (2018). HRM and employee engagement link: Mediating role of employee well-being. Global Business Review19(1), 147-161.

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Learning & Development
  • Organizational Change & Development
  • Talent Management
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
Administrative Responsibilities
  • Member – IQAC Cell
  • Coordinator – Wecare Club
  • Coordinator – HR Club


  • Life Member, NHRD, Coimbatore Chapter
  • Life Member, NIPM, Madras Chapter
  • Member, Dindigul District HR Foundation


  • Best Paper (Runner Up) – Faculty Track awarded by SIMSARC 20′ – SIMS Pune on 21-23rd Dec 2020.
  • Best Paper (Runner Up) – SIP Category awarded by SIMSARC 20′ – SIMS Pune on 21-23rd Dec 2020.
  • Best Professor – Human Resource Management awarded by Asia Pacific HRM Congress on 26th October 2021.