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Research Projects

Sl.no Name of the Principal Investigator/
Co Investigator (if applicable)
Name of the Funding agencyType (Government/Non-Government)Department of Principal Investigator/ Co InvestigatorYear of AwardFunds provided (INR in lakhs)
1Dr. M. Selvalakshmi, Dr. B. JanarthananArumugam
Non – GovernmentManagement20180.35
2Prof: Ramesh Kumar JICSSRGovernmentManagement2021-223.5 Lakhs
3Dr. Nachiketas, Dr.Selvalakshmi, Dr.Nataraj, Dr. MathiazaganSri Krishna Nagai MaligaiNon – GovernmentManagement2021-221.808
4Dr. NatarajMalliga Asafoetida CompanyNon – GovernmentManagement2021-220.260
5Dr. Nachiketas, Dr. Selvalakshmi, Dr. NatarajPVC Karur Startup- Mr. SubramanianNon – GovernmentManagement2021-220.060
6Dr. Ramesh, Dr. SivaprakasamVedanta Resources Limited – Sterlite copperNon – GovernmentManagement2021-221.500
7Dr. ManjulaThillai MasalaNon – GovernmentManagement2021-220.450