TSM also has its own culture – that of openness and adaptiveness.

At the institute, we want to help our students have an open mind so that they can easily adapt to the corporate culture of the organization they enter into for employment. We endeavour to inculcate a spirit of self-motivation and happiness in our students, and to take pride in their work. Employees who are happy and motivated, and share the same values, are able to contribute positively to the organization, by being more productive. Companies look for employees who have similar values to theirs – the questions or tests in the hiring process are designed to deduce this. Any organization would prefer employees who are a good fit as far as values and beliefs are concerned.

We believe at TSM that we need to prepare our students for the future, and to enable them to embrace corporate culture wholeheartedly. To this end, we try to instil a sense of open mindedness, adaptability, teamwork, and acceptance – of differing viewpoints, methods of work, new ways of learning, and so on. With a flexible mindset, students will be able to meet employer expectations more easily and effectively. 

To facilitate breaking barriers and fostering teamwork, several group activities have been designed. A good example would be the TSM Cafeteria, which is completely managed by the students. We have numerous sports meets, cocurricular, and extracurricular competitions within the institute, as well as inter-college ones – all these serve to foster the feelings of healthy competition, integrity, teamwork, and graciousness. These qualities are cherished in a professional by any employer. Competitions are a great learning experience for our students, and we believe they will immensely help them in their professional life.

Our institute instils dedication, and tenacity, and nurtures students to acquire all the requisite skills they need in the corporate world. In addition to the cutting-edge technology and infrastructure that we possess, to facilitate learning, we are blessed to be surrounded by lush greenery. Being in the lap of nature, we are fortunate enough to listen to the melodious chirping of songbirds, and to witness the magnificent dance of the peacocks with their colourful feathers fanned out. Nature has a calming effect on the mind, and promotes feelings of harmony.

If we had to summarize the culture of TSM, we could probably put it this way:

• Inculcating adaptability and open mindedness

• Encouraging responsibility and leadership

• Fostering teamwork

• New avenues for showcasing talents and problem solving

• Encouraging socializing through various clubs and competitions

• Inculcating a sense of social responsibility through training and development, Rural Immersion Drives

• New communication mechanisms to transmit new values and beliefs

• Stringent selection criteria to ensure quality students

• Persistence and patience.