Thiagarajar School of Management welcomes their new batch of budding managers with a splendid fresher’s party- SANGAMAM meaning “Coming together”. The event is named in such a way to encourage and foster camaraderie between the seniors and juniors and to forge strong bonds of fellowship. Sangamam is the culmination of the combined efforts of both MBA and PGDM seniors. The event is inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the Director and the faculty. This is followed by dance performances, music, and mime shows, with the different clubs of Thiagarajar School of Management displaying their talents and entertaining the juniors.

The event then proceeds to become more fun, with games and activities designed to break the ice and engage the newcomers, and encourage them to participate in the merry making. No party is complete without food! A grand feast of a sumptuous dinner follows the games, and the most active among the fresh faces are awarded Mr. Sangamam (male) and Ms. Sangamam (female). The event ends on a high – a DJ dance party! It’s a night designed for everyone to let down their hair, and forget about studies and seriousness for a short while, and indulge in good mannered fun and frolic. It’s a time for the senior students to wholeheartedly welcome the newcomers to TSM, and surely, one of the most memorable days in their lives.