Is entrepreneurship for you?

20 Jan 2021 Author Name : TSM

Starting your own business can be an exciting and rewarding experience. There are numerous advantages such as being your own boss, setting your own schedule, following your passion. However, being an entrepreneur is no cakewalk. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, consistency, creativity, research, planning, and most importantly, an idea you can build on.

While entrepreneurship seems to be a fun trendy word for youngsters to throw around these days, it isn’t for everyone. You have to grind through the initial years with a lot of work, dedication, and working without recognition before you can even think of becoming successful. But once you breakthrough those initial stages and finally reach a successful benchmark, you will realise that all those sacrifices you made were finally worth it. Let’s find out if entrepreneurship is the right career path for you and learn how Thiagarajar School of Management helps you become a successful entrepreneur through its EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell). Competitive environment and enjoy taking risks:

If you are unsatisfied with your current work and are always striving to achieve more, then entrepreneurship may be for more. Being highly competitive and a risk taker are two absolutely must have qualities of an entrepreneur in this highly competitive business world. TSM offers an environment with like minded people who are striving hard to become successful entrepreneurs. Being around such people should help you push your boundaries and reach new heights.


Entrepreneurs need to be creative when it comes to seeking out new business opportunities. Some of the best entrepreneurs in the world introduced a creative approach in their business model and grew their business tenfold. The EDC of TSM helps induce your potential creative ability by various programs as part of their idea incubation courses. They also provide students an opportunity to engage themselves in conducting, organizing and co-coordinating campus programs bringing out the creative leader in them.


Entrepreneurship will be challenging to you when you find it difficult to master the skill of perseverance. You have to get past the obstacles and see you business through its completion by overcoming all the frustration and problems through perseverance. EDC of TSM offers the best training and development programs, consultation and innovation programs to stay tuned with your perseverance.

Understand the emerging new technologies

Today’s world revolves around technology which is constantly changing. Big brands are using technology to solve pressing problems for themselves and their clients. Hence, as a CEO, it is very essential to stay updated with emerging technological trends to develop and sustain in the corporate world. TSM’s EDC offers interesting lectures and workshops on the emerging new technologies to keep you updated.

Financial Support

Statistics show that 41% of the business fails in the first few years because of the lack of capital. This shows that just being passionate and having a good ideas isn’t enough to sustain in the business world, you need financial backing. TSM’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell provides you with funding opportunities from various reliable sources and schemes that are tailor made for entrepreneurs.

Support from others

A successful business can’t be build by a single person themselves. Before you get into your own business, it is important to have a strong support system of people to help you, mentor you and guide you in this important journey. TSM’s EDC can offer you guidance from great mentors, successful alumni, and consultation from experienced professionals.

Great networking

Staying connected with the entrepreneur network is the key to success. Being connected with the people who had already achieved the positions that you want to be in your future can help you to hold your visions and activities in a common track and prevent yourself from getting diverted. TSM’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) provides an opportunity to build your business network and stay connected with â number of successful alumni, entrepreneurs, and industrial experts by conducting frequent conferences and seminars on industry topics.

Other mental qualities

There are lot more qualities such as self-motivation, tolerance, attitude towards failure, social mindset and so on to become a successful entrepreneur. Our EDC takes all the necessary measures to build you into a successful entrepreneur who can tackle complex business problems with innovation, technology, and creativity. Hope you now truly understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. If you possess any of the above traits, then entrepreneurship maybe the right career choice for you. Let us help you follow your entrepreneurial passion by applying for our MBA/PGDM courses. Our Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC) will bring out the entrepreneur in you.

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