8 factors to consider when selecting a B-School

20 Jan 2021 Author Name : TSM

The major swirling question in the minds of every student after clearing their management entrance exam is “How to choose a good B-school?” can be done by gathering information and details about the reputation, quality of faculty, style of teaching, cost of education, financial aids provided, student cum campus life, location of the college etc from various sources. Management students are spoiled for choice when it comes to B-Schools.

There are many options available and each B-Schools differs in terms of the curriculum offered, faculty expertise, quality of education, placement opportunities, skill development opportunities etc. Therefore, it’s essential to select the correct B-School based on the criteria that are important to you. Choosing the right B-School can go a long way in helping you start your career on the right path.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting your B-school:

Legacy and reputation

It is important to consider the reputation of the college you are going to study, a college’s reputation plays a huge role in your building a strong professional image.

Globalized curriculum

It is very important to move along with the world in this fast-growing and competitive environment. So the B-schools should have an updated and well-designed curriculum that makes the students industry-ready.

Entrepreneurship/Placement opportunities

The end goal for any B-School should be to prepare their students for their careers by providing ample placement and entrepreneurship opportunities. Hence, the placement percentage and entrepreneurship support should be a big factor when selecting your B-School.

Faculty expertise and style of teaching

The quality of the knowledge imparted partially depends on the quality of teaching from the faculties. This only increases your values and helps develop and diversify your skills. So getting a thorough understanding of the teaching methodology and pedagogy used will help you in choosing your B-school.

Cost of education/Financial aids provided

The cost of the education should be affordable to students and it should be worth for the quality of education offered. Other financial supports such as education loan availability, scholarships offered, fees concession on certain things also matter a lot.

Specializations offered

When you decide to study an MBA, you may have already decided what specialization you want to pursue. Whether your field of interest is marketing, finance, or HR, you need to ensure that the college you choose has this specialization. Some B-Schools even offer dual specializations which allow you to specialize in two fields. This can help you broaden your career opportunities.

Student life

Student life is perhaps one of the most important aspects of being a student. Colleges that offer a vibrant student life filled with plenty of activities contribute towards their character and personality development.

Location of the College

The college’s location also plays a vital role in selecting a B-School. The college should be easily accessible to the students with transport facilities. This can reduce the travelling stress of the students. Ultimately, a college’s location is based purely on each individual student.

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