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2022 SSR Documents

1.4.1 –Stakeholder feedback Curricula

1.4.2 –Stakeholder feedback Institute

2.1.1 –AICTE Approval

2.3.4 –Academic calendar

2.3.4 –Course Plan

2.6.3 –Annual Report

3.1.1 –Additional Document

3.1.2 –Seed Money for Research

3.2.1 & 3.2.2 –Research Grants Received & List of Teachers having Research Projects

3.5.1 –Revenue generated through MDP and Consultancy

3.5.2 –Facilities & Training to undertake consultancy

3.6.3 & 3.6.4 –TSM Extension Activities

3.7.1 Student and Faculty Exchange

3.7.1 Summer Internship Collaboration

3.7.2 –Functional MoUs

4.1.4 –Infrastructure Augmentation

4.3.4 –E-content Development

5.1.3 — Capacity Development and Skill Enhancement

6.1.1–TSM AC Attendance 2022

6.1.2–Area Chair-Inputs

6.1.2–Faculty Recruitment

6.1.2–BoG Review

6.2.1–Strategic Policy Document


6.2.2–TSM Organizational Chart

6.2.3–Students Admissions CRM Software

6.2.3–Academia ERP Features for TSM

6.3.1–TSM Faculty Retreat Report-2022

6.3.1–TSM Staff Retreat Report-2022

6.4.1–TSM Financials 2017-18

6.4.1–TSM Financials 2018-19

6.4.1–TSM Financials 2019-20

6.4.1–TSM Financials 2020-21

6.4.1–TSM Financials 2021-22

6.5.3–TSM ISO Certificate_2023

6.5.3–TSM NIRF 2022 Rank Certificate

6.5.3–IQAC Minutes

7.1.1–Annual Gender Sensitation Action Plan

Geo tagged photos

Student Handbook

TSM Code of Ethics

TSM Disabled Friendly Policy

TSM e-Governance Policy

TSM Environment & Energy Usage Policy

TSM Faculty Grant

TSM Green Campus Policy